Pazzles gift card collection

img_20161220_144714Christmas is a great time of year to express gratitude to co-workers, which I usually do with a gift card and card. This year, I miss counted while creating my Christmas cards and didn’t have quite enough. Instead of trying to make more complicated cards, using the Pazzles gift card collection here, I made these little purse shaped cards for our office workers. I used double sided Christmas themed papers and coordinating card stock. I quickly and easily cut out each person’s name for the outside, glued on the buckle and accessory pieces and I was on my way out the door. Unfortunately, I forgot to add the ribbon handle, because as usual, I was running late! My office pals didn’t seem to mind and didn’t even know that there was suppose to be “more”. The moral of the story–make your holiday gift holders and Christmas cards in July, make more cards than you need, because you will certainly use them–if not this year, next year!

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