Under the Sea Mixed media

close-up-straightdetailsI recently enjoyed being a student in the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 103.  I had taken courses 101 and 102 previously, each time immensely enjoying the process and play involved, and learning about how to mix various products and colors so as to not “create mud,” but to create something wonderful.  I find the process of creating to be most therapeutic, and my Pazzles Creative Cutter certainly brings me to the next level, combining a variety of techniques, tools and Pazzles Craft Room designs to create art to decorate my home.

I was inspired to create an ocean themed piece when this cute mermaid was added to the Pazzles Craft room library. I wanted some art work to jazz up a bathroom in my home and combined things I learned in Creative Chemistry with the Pazzles Craft room items. For more specific details, please check out the blog post on the Pazzles web site here,

I encourage everyone to give Mixed Media techniques a try–just experiment and see what you can come up with!

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