Anniversary card for cat lovers

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I enjoy making cards for family and friends, and along with birthday cards, I make anniversary cards. A few years ago, I realized that I make at least a dozen anniversary cards per year. The card recipients either don’t know each other or live far apart, so I began creating cards using the same basic design for all of them. I can customize the cards by using different papers or colors or adding a slightly different sentiment to emphasize the anniversary year.  It is a huge time saver to be able to use one design, cut all the pieces at one time, and then simply assemble the cards as they are needed or when time allows.

For this year’s card, I found a combination of cute files in the Pazzles craft room. For those of you who are interested in digital die cut machines, Pazzles machines, customer service and designs available to craft room members are awesome. Just by using the quick search tools in the craft room, I can find things already designed, just need to do some minor adjustments and the idea in my head becomes the cuttable or draw-able design in my software.  I love being able to create the “perfect” card or project, combining paper and my creativity.

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